What I've learned from Blogging: Sugar Bee Crafts

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Sugar Bee Crafts

What have I learned from blogging?!?!  I could probably go on for hours!  Here are a few things:

---Blogging affects everyone - - my kids ask if I want to post pictures of the things they make, and can strike a pose at a moment's notice.  Trevor jumped on the blogging bandwagon.  When at playgroups everyone knows that I'll be documenting any crafts we tackle.  It has made me come to appreciate more the time and effort that others put into crafting and showcasing their creations.

--The way that blogging has affected me the most is how it has brought me and my projects to so many of you.  I feel like I'm making a little contribution to the world when I can encourage and inspire others to create.  I love hearing comments about what you've made and how you have expanded your skillset and ideas on creativity.

---It is a way to showcase projects and impact the lives of others.  I didn't have that before - Trevor can try his best to fake enthusiasm about various projects, but it only goes so far (and I'm pretty sure I wasn't impacting his life with my craftiness).  With the opportunity to share projects in front of the world, I thrive on the positive reinforcement and upbeat blogging community.  Blogging is a powerful tool that I love.  LOVE.

So in summary, I have learned how powerful blogging can be.  I've learned other things too - like how to schedule posts and take step-by-step photos and use good lighting and semi-good grammar and work with sponsors, but the lesson that has impacted me most is the power of blogging.

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