Cowboy Party–Blue and Gold Banquet Style

Last week, we had our Blue and Gold Banquet. I’m still sorta new to the Cub Scouts. Okay, I’ve been in about 6 months. There’s so much to learn I still feel like I’m new! I’m the Cub Advancement Chairman. It’s fun because my main job is recognizing all of the boys accomplishments! Normally, the Blue and Gold Banquet should probably follow under the Cub Master, but I volunteered to do all of the decorating and games. I love planning parties like this and I knew it would be so much fun. The fact that I could throw a big party on someone else’s dime was definitely an added bonus!

If you’ve wondered why I haven’t been blogging much, this is why. I don’t have tons of time to craft/sew/cook/blog and every free minute I had was getting decorations arranged and made for the big party! It turned out to be a huge success! We had over 100 people show up, the food was delicious, and all of the kids loved the games we had planned!

I threw together the invitations using some fun (and free) Western fonts. I love fonts. They make me happy!

One good thing about living in the country is the availability of cowboy stuff. I don’t have any myself, but we found no short supply!

decorations 3


decorations 2

We also decorated with bandanna bunting. The Cub Master’s wife had a bunch of bandanna looking fabric in her stash. I cut it up into triangles and we hung it all over the place. It worked perfectly!!!


And, of course, you can’t have a party with out lots and lots of balloons!


Did you know there is a helium shortage right now? It’s hard to find any place around here that will blow up more than 3 balloons. So, we bought a tank of helium from Walmart and had plenty. I love balloons!

We made cute and easy centerpieces.


I got the “Cub Scout” printable from Over The Big Moon. I also used (and altered) it a little bit for the water bottles:

water bottles

I did a TERRIBLE job taking pictures during the banquet! Mostly because I was in charge of taking pictures at the photo booth. Here’s my daughter posing:

wanted poster

I used my handy dandy Silhouette to cut out a ba-zillion mustaches for everyone. It still cracks me up!

We also did Knot-Tying, Arm Wrestling and had a S’more station.


The S’mores were my favorite!!! So easy and so yummy!!