Kid’s Craft: Homemade Moon Sand

I love living where I live almost every second of the year. All except for early spring because the rest of the world seems to start warming up and we're still pretty cold here. And it's funny because I never cared until Facebook came along and all of my friends from warmer states started sharing their swimming and green grass and flip flop pictures. Where I live, March does start to warm things up. But, the truth is, our last frost date isn't until June. JUNE, people! We freeze at night here until June!

That doesn't mean that we can't make and play with things that remind us of warmer temps. Have you ever played with Moon Sand? I found it when my oldest was about 3 or 4 (she’s 9 now! YIKES!). She used to play with it for hours on end! I mean, my kids love play dough, but Moon Sand is a totally different level of obsession. My youngest has never played with it before. I decided it was high time he give it a try! But not with the expensive store bought stuff. The (super duper ridiculously easy) homemade kind!

moon sand

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