Slow Cooker Calico Beans

We have lots of traditions in our family. One of them is Calico Beans. Every 6 months, when our church holds General Conference, we make Calico Beans. General Conference is when everyone in the world attends church at the same time and it's broadcast on TV. We love it because it's an excuse to attend church in our PJs.  Some people make Cinnamon Rolls, some make a special breakfast, but our family has beans. Because they are so delicious! Plus, they are easy to make and can feed a crowd with no problem! We got this recipe from my husband's mom. They ate it all the time growing up. And let me tell you, there's a reason this recipe has been around for so long.

If you're wondering what they taste like, the best way that I can describe them is sweet baked beans. These are so delicious paired with some rolls on a chilly afternoon!

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