What I've learned from Blogging: R&R Workshop

I've been blogging on this here blog for a year now! Actually, April 2nd will officially be a year. It's been fun and crazy and hard and rewarding all at the same time! To celebrate, I'm having a fun series this whole week from some really fun and awesome bloggers talking about what they have learned from blogging. I have some very seasoned and successful bloggers. I have some newbies. And everything in between. So, if you've ever thought about blogging, or you are a blogger and (like me) pour over every bit of blogging advice you can, this week is going to be awesome! (If you could care less about blogging, I'll be back to regular posts again next week.)

So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce my first guest...Rachel from R&R Workshop!

Hi, I'm Rachel from R&R Workshop! I'm excited to guest post today about what I've learned from blogging. My blog is fairly new but I have learned so much in the past 2 months!

I started my family blog 6 years ago when I got married. I have been wanting to start a craft blog for a year now and thought I knew everything I needed to know. I was wrong! haha. I have learned so much that I won't go into everything, but I have a few important things I would love to share.

1) Have a goal. I wanted to start my blog to share my ideas with family in other states, but it has been really fun to have follower I have never met like my ideas as well. I would love for my blog to grow more and more so its important to make a goal. I would love to attend a blog conference next year so I am working towards that goal right now. I felt it was too early for me to go this year and hope to be more established by next year so I can go!

2) Be true to you. This was so important. I have had multiple ideas that I wanted to post and would tell others and some would have negative feedback. Feedback is wonderful, but be true to yourself. If you love what you are doing, it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks :)

3) Talk and get to know other bloggers. This was huge! I had no idea that Idaho had a bloggers group. It has been such a wonderful experience meeting and talking with other bloggers. Everyone shares advice and tips and it really  helped me understand bloggers better. Instead of feeling like we are all in competition with each other, I felt like it was a whole new group of friends who understood the late nights, need to be crafty so on. We recently had a meeting and meeting all the girls face to face was even better. So get to know those in your area that blog!

I hope this will help other people with blogging and thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts!

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Happy Blogiversary, Love and Laundry!