My flower delivery job and find out about my favorite flower!

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We have some friends that own a flower shop. This year was fun because they hooked me up with a flower delivery job for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Don't tell them, but I may have considered delivering for free! It's so fun to knock on a door when the person isn't expecting anything and surprise them with flowers! Mother's Day was especially fun because most of the mothers were also grandmothers.

Both times I took at least one of my kids. My seven year old loved it the most. He got out and came to the door with me to deliver the flowers. I think he loved all of the attention from the grandmas.

We worked hard, too! We made over 40 deliveries in two days! It's crazy how much something like that can wear a person out! Phew! But I would do it again in a heart beat.
I definitely would never pick a favorite child. I love all of my kids exactly the same. But, that doesn't meant that I can't pick a favorite flower, right?
And do you know what that favorite is? I picked it way back when I first laid eyes on them in my college flower arranging class.

Aren't they gorgeous? I honestly didn't realize that lilies came in so many different colors!

If I could have an arrangement of lilies on my kitchen table at all times, my life would be complete. And of course my kitchen table would stay a lot cleaner. You can't have a messy kitchen table with lilies on it, right. That's a rule, I think. (Hey, honey....if you're reading this, lillies might be a good way to motivate me to keep the kitchen table clean! And maybe the whole kitchen. Maybe.)

But, seriously. Lillies make a really great gift! And they are pretty easy to find. You can purchase potted bulbs at garden centers, grocery stores and flower shops!

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