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When I was little, we hardly ever lit off fireworks. We always did sparklers and went to the park to watch the fireworks display. But, we hardly ever bought our own little display of fountains. But, I loved the 4th of July so much! I always loved the sense of pride for our country that I felt as I watched the light show way up in the sky.

It's funny how things change as we get older and get married. Things that I have learned to love because my husband loves them. He grew up selling fireworks with his family. They had a stand in the little town he grew up in. Every year since, he's carried on the tradition of selling fireworks. We always joke that we celebrate the 4th for 10 days straight!

We almost always miss the big fireworks display because we are working as a family. But that doesn't mean that we miss out on all of the festivities! We have a HUGE party after the 4th at our house with everyone who helped sell at our stands.

We always include tons of yummy food, good music and definitely lots of fireworks! Our party has become such a tradition, I can't imagine ever skipping it!

Are you having any huge outdoor parties or barbecue's this year?

One thing is for sure...parties and barbecues need lots of paper towels to clean up! There's nothing like sticky fingers and tables from all that yummy barbecue sauce!

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And just in case you need a little inspiration, here are 25 Patriotic Crafts and Recipes to use at YOUR party!

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