Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream Frosting

So, Father's Day.  It's getting kind of close. Like tomorrow. It's usually about the day before that I realize that I need to throw something together finish wrapping my husband's present. Love you, babe! Well, just in case you forgot about Father's Day, I've got you covered! Just whip up a batch of these Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes for your man and he will love you forever! And if for some reason he doesn't like them, you can say they were from the kids. Just kidding. He'll love them. They are divine!  I like to think of these cupcakes as a good fit for everyone in the family. Bacon for the guys. Chocolate for the girls. Maple syrup for the kids. Works, right? But it really is a great combination of flavors! Almost like breakfast in cupcake form. Hmmmm....could I justify making these for breakfast? I might have to try that. 

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