Kid Craft: Glow in the Dark Power Balls (plus a Giveaway!)

It has bee pretty hot here in Idaho. Like near 100 degrees. And I know there are many of you who think. Only 90s?!? Why are you complaining! I'm definitely not! I love it when it's hot! But my Idaho born and bred children drip buckets of sweat when it gets any hotter than the 80s. I guess that's what happens when you get so used to near -20s in the winter!

So,'s been hot! I've been trying to find some fun activities for my kid's to do inside that doesn't include completely trashing my house! Because I hate cleaning. When asked me to try out one of their fun kits, I was like HECK YES!

And so were my kids!

Do you see my 7 year old jumping for joy?!? The funny thing is, their cousin got this EXACT Power Balls kit for her birthday a few weeks before. And my kids were drooling over it! Haha! Little did they know they were getting one of their own! If your kids are drooling over it like mine were, you can also get a kit of your own from Walmart!

What we loved about this project:
  • It makes tons of balls - 21 to be exact! More than enough for all of my kids to have lots of their own
  • There were so many colors to choose from that each ball is completely unique
  • They really do bounce great! Not only did my kids get hours of fun making them, they've spent many more hours outside bouncing them!
  • This is my favorite thing - they take a while to make! There are only 2 molds and each ball has to sit in water for 10 minutes to make. Then they have to dry. I was a little worried when we started that my kids would lose interest waiting. But they didn't at all! In fact, they loved running back and forth setting the timer on the microwave and comparing colors while they were waiting for the next ball to finish. I helped them start the first set and after that, they just went with it while I cleaned the kitchen nearby. They spent a good three hours straight working on and loving this project. Even when it was time for bed, my son kept trying to sneak out of bed to make another power ball! It was so fun!

So, there you have it! This activity gets 5 stars in my book.

Do you want to win a kit of your own? has generously offered to give one away!!

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The kit was provided free by and/or Horizon Group USA, the company that makes these kits and powers our website

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