Summer, Google Reader and some more stuff

Oh my summer! We've been super busy around here! I keep meaning to update this here blog, but I haven't had any time! Well, that's probably not completely true. But the free time I keep finding is quickly filled up with playing and soaking up the sun. You have to do that when you live in Idaho, you know. The warm sun doesn't stick around for very long!

I need to pop in and update a few upcoming things.

First of all, Google Reader. I knew months ago that it was going away. But I've sat in denial that I'm losing my favorite way to keep track of blogs. I might even just ignore it and sit in denial until it really does go away on July 1st, but I definitely don't want to lose any of you!! I big fat heart love all of my readers. <3<3<3

I am also on Bloglovin, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Twitter. If the only way you follow me is on Google Reader, I would love it if you would add me somewhere else! (p.s. Did you know that Facebook has a Bloglovin app? You can follow your blogs through bloglovin and also see the update in Facebook! Pretty cool, huh?)

Second. July. Let me talk a little bit about my July. It's incredibly busy this year, but it's also going to be pretty amazing! The problem with busy and amazing is that I won't be around to blog....pretty much at all. BUT, I have a whole line up of incredible bloggers lined up to guest post for you! It's a little ironic because you'll probably see more posts with me being gone than when I regularly blog.  I may or may not pop in every now and then. You can follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks of what I'll be doing.

If you're like me and want a little teaser, here you go:

100 fake points to whoever can guess where the last photo is!

And if you're wondering. Yes, I will definitely be blogging about it when I get home - it won't be until sometime in August, though. No, my kids aren't going with me. It'll just be me and my hubby and my mom and step dad. No, I don't normally take trips like this without my kids. (Oh, and if you are thinking about robbing my house, my really awesome friend will be here. Plus I have some pretty great neighbors, too. You should definitely stay away!) And YES! I am so super excited! It's been hard to focus on normal life! Eeeek!!!

I have a couple of fun (sponsored) giveaways going up on Saturday. Will you all come back and enter? I will love you forever if you do!!

Tell me, what kind of giveaways are your favorite to enter? Small, one blog giveaways or large multi-blog giveaways? I've done them both, I just never know which is better. I'd love your feedback.

I think that's it! I hope that you all are having as fun as a summer as we are at our house!