Directory Submission Tips For Seo

As You Know Directory Submission Is a Very Important For Search Engine Optimization. But The Newbie Bloggers Don't Know How To Submit The Directories. They Have Make Mistakes In Directory Submission And Ruin The Blog/Website Rankings. So Today I Have Tell You Many Directory Submission Tips For Seo. Submit The Directories With These Tips And You Will Definitely Increase Your Blog/Website Ranking In Search Engines.
Directory Submission Tips For Seo
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Tip 1. Choose High PR Directory
             When You Are Ready For Submit The Directory Then Firstly Check The PR Of Those Directory. If The Pr Is Zero Then You Have No Need To Submit Those Directory. Always Submit High Pr Directory. High PR Directory Increase Your Ranking In Search Engines. And The Low PR Directories Submission Is a Invitation To Spamming.

Tip 2. Check IP Of Directory

           I Have Noticed That Todays Many Directory Is Host On a Single IP Or Same IP. When You Are Submit The Directory For Your Website/ Blog Then Please Check The IP Of Those Website. If The IP Is Same As Already Submitted Directory. Then Do Not Submit The Directory. Because If Google Crawler Find Many Backlinks On Same IP. Then He Is Consider Those Backlinks As Spam And Hurt Your Rankings.

Tip 3. Create a Database/List Of Directories

         Make Sure, When You Are Ready For Submit The Directories Please Make a Proper Database Of Your Directories. Pick Up The Website From Your Database One By One And Submit Properly.

Tip 4. Choose Appropriate Category

       At The Submission Time First Choose Your Appropriate Category. For Example If You Submit Your "Web Designing" Website. Then Choose Web Designing, Web Development Category. Not Choose "Seo" Category For Your Website. Because Search Engines Gives You High Ranking When They Found Your Backlink Is Your Niche. If Your Backlink Is Not In Your Niche The You Have Not Get Any Profit From Those Backlink. Remember, Always Palace Your Backlink In Your Niche.

Tip 5. Choose Regular Links

       When You Are Submit The Directories Then You See There Are Three Types Of Links Regular Links, Featured Links, Regular Links With Reciprocal. Always Select Regular Links. Because In Featured Links You Have Charged Some Cost And In Regular Links With Reciprocal You Have Need To Put Those Directory Backlink On Your Website.

Tip 6. Fill Unique Information

            At The Submission Time When You Are Fill The Form Then Always Fill Unique Information In Form. Here The Meaning Of Unique Information Means Fill Unique Description And Keywords. Keywords Means You Can Change Your Keywords In Very Low Value. You Can Fill Your Keyword "Web Designing" Instead Off Your Keyword "Website Designing".

Tip 7. Submit Single Link

             Always Remember Submit a Single Page Link Of Your Website On a Directory. For Example If You Want To Submit Your Home Page On a Directory. Then Not Submit Any Other Deep Page Of Your Website On Those Directory.

Tip 8. Confirm Your Email Id

          When  You Are Successfully Submit a Directory. Then You Have Receive a Mail In Your Inbox. Please Verify Your Email Address. If You Are Not Verify Your Email Then Directory Is Not Approve You Link.

Tip 9. Do Work In Limit

      Always Do Work In Limit. My Means Do Not Submit More Then 15-20 Directory Submission Per Day. Because Is Google Crawler Find Many Backlinks In a Month Then He Also Consider Spamming.

Tip 10. No Need To Sign Up

     At The Submission Time You Have No Need To Waste Your Precious Time. Never Sign Up On Directories Website. You Can Easily Put You Link Directly.