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Hello out there in blog land! I’m Justynn and I blog over at Creative Life Antics. I’m a young 20-something do-it-yourself graphic designer that spends her way too short weekends baking, crafting and re-imagining items. I’m so honored to be here today blog-sitting while Shatzi is away and can’t wait to get started!

So just a quick fact about me: I bought my first place a few years ago and currently have an awesome roommate, who has a really cute doberman (doberwoman ;)) named Lily. And let me tell you, Lily is her momma's little princess. This pooch has more collars than I have handbags AND shoes, and she switches between them just as often. Needless to say in my house we have a collar collection problem. A few months ago I made a really cool rack for leashes, collars and a muddy paw towel and hung it by my front door. However, I quickly realized I also needed one for my back door. So, for the last few months I've been keeping my eye out for a hanging rack idea for the back door. Last week I FINALLY stumbled upon a really quick and cheap idea thanks to Ikea. Hands up if you've taken the time to stroll through Ikea's "damaged goods" section. If not, do so, you won't be disappointed. I have found so many great items in this section! The dish I used for this porcelain paint project came from the damaged goods section. For anyone that doesn't know this section of the store collects old display items, items that may be missing screws, or came as a set and one was missing or in my case-- an item that is just no longer in their catalogue. I totally lucked out and found this really cheap and basic coat rack. image 

While a great deal, the rack was… for a lack of better words boring. That folks is just not my style. So I took some painter's tape and taped the coat rack till it resembles a straightjacket (joking). It looked like this: 

photoa copy 
See, anywhere that wasn't taped off would get a coat of paint. My first thought was "RED" or "BRIGHT COLOR" but I was able to talk myself to just doing white. I chose to use spray paint, but you could easily just used craft paint. I sprayed a few lights coats, removed the tape and voila! Custom coat rack
dog collar rack for the back door. I hung that baby up and It's made quite the impact on that bare wall.

Pro Tip: Much like painting a wall, for the best straight lines remove the tape when the paint is still slightly tacky. And ALWAYS pull away from the paint. If your lines do end up wonky grab a q-tip and some nail polish remover to fix. coat rack-01 
Thanks so much for reading about my quick DIY and I hope I get to see some of your bright and smiling faces again soon! Have a great day!

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