Kid Craft: Pinwheels

I shared this fun kid's craft over at Sugar Bee Crafts a few months ago. My son made these in his kindergarten class and absolutely loved them!! If you live in as windy of a place as we do, your kids will love them, too!

Here's what you need to make your own:

  • Scrapbook Paper (I cut mine to 6x6 - so you get 4 from one 12x12 sheet)
  • Pencils
  • Push Pins (or as my kids call them "pokies")

Start by drawing an X from corner to corner on each of the paper squares. It'll help you know where to cut.

Now, cut each line ALMOST all the way to the middle.

This is what you want to end up with:

Now, fold one corner from each cut edge into the center.

It doesn't matter which corner, just as long as it's the same side on all four corners.

To hold it in place, grab the push pin and poke it through the center.

Can I just insert and aside here. When did I grow up and get mom hands? *sigh*

Grab a pencil and push the other side of the push pin through the eraser.. They actually stay put together pretty good in the eraser!

There are definitely NOT just for decoration. I took my daughter outside in the windy afternoon meaning only to take pictures. And the wind was spinning the pinwheel like crazy! It took me a minute to find a spot that kept it still for pictures! After that, all the kids grabbed a pinwheel and ran and ran through the yard. It was too fun and cute!!