Raspberry Macaroon Frozen Dessert from Maybe I Will

Hi I'm Andie, I blog over at Maybe I Will. I share my DIY projects, recipes and fitness tips... My three favorite things!!  I'm so excited to pop over and guest host for Shatzi! She is an amazing friend and blogger!

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite summer recipes! Back in the day my roommates and I concocted this treat! It's was great because it was A... EASY and B... CHEAP to make, cuz we was poor. To this day whenever I make it, I think back to the nights we would make this and then go out to some party and then come home and grab our forks and enjoy our late night treat. Those were some really crazy and fun times. And this was the perfect refreshing summery treat those late summer nights. 

Raspberry Macaroon Frozen Dessert 
Andie Thueson

1 half gallon raspberry sherbet 
1 pkg macaroons 

That's it!! 

Just take your sherbet out and let it soften. Place macaroons in bag to crush them and stir them in with the sherbet. Then place in a 9x13 pan and refreeze!! No baking it's that easy peeps! 

Two ingredient is all you'll need!!! 

Work out your frustrations as you crush your macaroons!! Easy Peasy! 

So Yummy!!!

I'm so grateful to Shatzi for letting me crash here blog to share with you peeps one of my favorite summertime go to treats!! Every time I make this it's a huge hit!! People are amazed when I tell them them the ingredients and how flippin' easy is to make!!! 

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