Strawberry Jam & Sour Cream Spread from R&R Workshop

Hi, Love and Laundry Readers! I'm excited to be here! I'm Rachel from R & R Workshop and can't wait to share this yummy recipe with you. I know that recipe name sounds like a mouth-full, but seriously. Wait until you try this combination! Its so yummy.. you will want a mouthful of it! :)

Years ago- 7 to be exact..I had such a fun summer hanging out with friends. It is seriously one of the best summers I ever had and I spent a lot of my time at my best friend's house. We had a lot of late nights at youth dances or hanging out with friends, so most of the time I would just spend the night. She introduced me to this yummy combo and I have been loving it ever since! So Phillip's Family.. Thank you! :)

Strawberry Jam & Sour Cream Spread
Strawberry Jam
Sour Cream
Pancakes or waffles

1. Place a spoonful of jam and of sour cream on your pancake.
2. Mix up until spread onto whole pancake.
3. Enjoy! :)

I would love to hear if you try it! 

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