Win a Photobook from Shutterfly!

Have you ever made a photo book before? I totally have! Way back in the day, I used to hand scrap book all my photos. Now I definitely don't have time for that! I'm super busy chasing my kids around! But I take tons of pictures! Instead of printing out each photo and hand gluing each one onto a page, I love using Shutterfly Photo Books! They are super duper easy to make and they have adorable options!

And lots of sizes!

They are so customizable, too! Since I've been on vacation, I thought it would be fun to show you how to make a vacation book! It'll have to be a past vacation book because technically I wrote this before my vacation...that's okay, though, right?!?

I decided to do the Motor On book and highlight some of our favorite road trips!

See how affordable these books are? And a hard cover book to boot!

Once you select the type, it will ask you to get your pictures.

Once you get your pictures uploaded, the books are easy to put together!

Here's some of the things I love:

  • There are TONS of different layouts and you can completely control which one's you choose! 
  • Text is super easy to add!
  • If you have a large book to put together, you can switch to Storyboard and drag the photos to multiple pages with ease! 
  • Shutterfly automatically arranges your photos by date taken (make sure the clock in your camera is accurate!)
  • If you're in a huge hurry, you can have Shutterfly Autofill your book then go through and make changes yourself!
The most awesome thing is how user friendly the website is to use! You don't have to have any kind of super advanced computer genius to put a high quality book together! It's awesome!

Now, do you want to win a free book? I've teamed up with some awesome bloggers and Shutterfly is generously giving away 2 free books!! Thats right! TWO of you will win! Yipee!! Be sure to check out the other blogs and see what kind of books they have made! So many possibilities! What kind of book would you make?

Enter Below! Good Luck!