Vacation Necklace Keepsake

Summer has me thinking a lot about vacationing. We love to take our kids on a road trip every year! This year has been a little different because just my hubby and I too a trip without our kids. Not taking our kids somewhere got me thinking a lot about some of our old vacations.

Like a trip we took to the Oregon Coast a few years ago. My littlest as almost one at the time and now he's almost 4! It's crazy how time flies. We got some pictures of our kids on the beach that will probably always be my favorite. Like these:

I love how in the main one, my then four year old couldn't quit playing in the sand long enough to take a picture! It captures his personality so much. But I think out of the three, my favorite is my baby's sand covered toes! Forever and ever until the day I die, these pictures will always make me smile!

I was digging through my craft stash and found a necklace kit that I got from Pick Your Plum a while ago. It was dying to be personalized in some way. So I busted out a super cute necklace!

Here's what you need:

  • Necklace blank
  • Necklace chain and jump ring
  • A photo, cropped and printed out on cardstock
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • Glue to glue down the photo to the necklace (I forgot to include it in the supplies photo. I used E6000 so it would be super permanent).

These are pretty easy to put together - my kind of project!

First trace the photo with the necklace and cut.
Then, glue the photo to the necklace.
Finally, apply Dimensional Magic all over the top and allow that to dry for several hours.

That's it!

Your necklace is finished!