Mario Birthday Party Favors

Back in July, I had so many awesome guest posters! I decided that I should trade with a few to kind of return the favor. This is the post I shared over at The Benson Street! And honestly, I can't believe I haven't posted this before! This is from my 7 year old's birthday party way back in MARCH! Wow! this year has gone fast!

So, my son. He loves playing the Wii. All things Mario are his absolute favorite. He decided in a heart beat that he wanted a Mario birthday party. I felt super busy at the time so I didn't hand make all of the decorations and treats like I have in the past. But his party turned out super cute!

We had a pizza party, a pinata and played lots of games it was great! It's funny how us moms feel like we need to make every birthday party look like they do in a magazine, but all the kids really want to do is play and eat cake! It taught me a huge lesson about simplifying!

The one thing I did hand make were the party favors!

They were really easy to make, too. I found a Wii Remote Chocolate mold for a few dollars on Amazon

I bought some really cheap Almond Bark, melted it and called it good! Maybe if these were for chocolate loving adults, I would have been a little more choosy, but I knew that kids wouldn't care!

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