Kid Craft: Glitter Snow Globes

I made these fun Glitter Snow Globes for Sugar Bee Crafts a whole year ago! It's crazy that time has gone so fast! By the time I could publish them on my blog, it was too late for the season, so I decided to save them for this year!

glitter snow globes

These are so fun and easy to make! Here’s what you need:

snow globes supplies

Baby food jars with the labels removed (WD-40 is amazing at removing label residue! Also, I pre-spray painted the lids for the kids)
Glycerin – you can get this at any pharmacy
Glitter and Confetti
Waterproof ornaments
Hot Glue
E6000 glue

First, glue the ornament onto the inside of the lid with hot glue. Definitely help your kids with that part if they are young. We don’t want anyone getting burned!

snow globes step 1

snow globes step 2

I had my kids hold the ornament in place for a few minutes until the glue was cooled off.

Next, fill up the jar half way full of glycerin – that’s the secret to getting the glitter to stay floating instead of falling straight to the bottom!

snow globes step 3

Then, add glitter and confetti. If you use confetti, just be sure it’s the metallic kind.

snow globes step 4

After adding the glitter and confetti, grab something to stir it all around really well. Otherwise, you might end up with glitter clumps.

snow globes step 5

Top the jar off with water. You want to fill it pretty full, but not so full that it over flows.

snow globes step 6

Before screwing the lid on, put some E6000 glue around the rim of the jar. That glue is amazing for stuff like this! I would recommend adult help with this part, too.

snow globes step 7

Finally, screw the lid on!

snow globes step 8

Leave the jar right side up until the glue dries. I would recommend waiting 24 hours at least. The glycerin and water will remain separated until you shake it for the first time. Then, it all gets mixed together really well!

Ta-da! All finished!

glitter snow globes 2