Mythbusters, Super Why, and Bumble Bee Halloween Costumes

I've been trying to get on the computer all week to get this post up. And I wish I could say it's because I haven't been on the computer but it's exactly opposite of that. I've been online all. week. long. working on school. #onlinedegreeproblems. And it is a ton of work and so much fun all at the same time. I never thought I would enjoy things like coding JavaScript. It is so technical but so exciting when I write a simple program by hand and it actually works!

Back to the post...

So, Halloween is only a couple of days away but both of these costumes are super easy and completely do-able. Or, if you're like me and file away ideas for another year, that works, too! I won't do tutorials unless I hear a whole bunch of people begging.... Sometimes it's just better to get a post up!

Every single year, I try so hard to get my kids to dress up as something I want them to be. And every single year they have their own plans. I can usually get them on board temporarily until we go costume shopping and they see something else that they totally have to get instead. And I let them because to me, that is not even sort of worthy of a battle.

This year was different. Thank to Netflix, my eight year old fell in love with Mythbusters (and can I just say I'm so sad it's not on Netflix anymore!). I can't remember where, but a few years ago I saw some little kids dressed up as the Mythbusters and I vowed then to use all of my motherly influence to one day convince my boys to do the same. And my dream finally came to reality this year!

Who are the Mythbusters?

Adam Savage

and Jamie Hyneman.

Between them more than 30 years of special effects experience.


 My daughter obviously didn't jump on the Mythbuster's bandwagon. We found a super cute (and really inexpensive) bumble bee costume at Walmart for her. When we went to the Trunk or Treat at our church, one of the teenager's was dressed up as a bee keeper. We were all cracking up!

It would make a super cute couple's costume!

One more I have to share. Last year my youngest (who was barely 4) reeeeaaaallly wanted to be Super Why from the PBS Kids show. The only problem? It's not a costume that you can pick up from the costume store.

So, this is what we came up with:

I whipped up a cape, a mask and used some printable vinyl for the Super Why logo. It was super cute! And really cheap. The bonus was that he could reuse the t-shirt for every day clothing. That is definitely my kind of costume!