A little bit of November

Our November was super fun and super busy! I feel like I'm still trying to learn to balance the craziness of going back to school and the rest of my responsibilities. When it came time for our planned Thanksgiving trip, I was definitely on overdrive! I wanted to finish all of my school work for Thanksgiving week early. The strange thing about online school is that holidays like Thanksgiving aren't observed all over the world, so school doesn't stop. But, I got ahead and everything worked perfectly!

Here's a few highlights from our month:

This girl turned 11.

And that kind of freaks me out! I love her so much!! She is turning into an incredibly responsible, kind and intelligent young woman! I really can't believe the difference in just the last year. She is my right hand daughter and I definitely would be lost without her!

It snowed in Idaho

I thought it would just be a small dusting and melt in a day. But it wasn't. It snowed for several days and got really cold outside way too early. We even got in the negatives a few days! I really love living in Idaho, but I sure do question my sanity when winter gets here! And now that it's December? Today was 50 degrees.

We went to the Police Station

(excuse the horrible phone pictures! Ugh!!)

I'm the Cubmaster for our Cub Scout Pack. Apart from the Blue and Gold Banquet, it's really a pretty easy job. I just have to do one Pack Meeting a month. And I'm always on the lookout for ways to make my job easier. So, I called and scheduled a tour of our local police station. And it was probably the best pack meeting we've had all year! I learned a ton and I'm pretty sure that every single one of our cub scouts is planning to go to the Police Academy as soon as they possibly can! The Police Officer that gave us the tour was all kinds of awesome and he really made the whole night unforgettable.

Our Thanksgiving Trip

The highlight of our month was definitely our road trip! We live in Idaho but my family lives in New Mexico and we haven't ever gotten to go down for a holiday. Like ever. In our entire married life. So, we were definitely due to go down and spend Thanksgiving.

We don't normally travel during the school year because everyone has the summer off (those are the perks of having a husband who is an Elementary School Principal!). It's definitely a different way to travel! They all had a week off which really helped. But it was a lot harder to squeeze everything in and it took a lot more packing to fit all of the winter clothes.

But it was all worth it! We took an extra long road trip by visiting Texas first. We ended up clocking 2500 miles and driving through 6 different states! All in a week's time. And we only heard "Are we there yet?" one time! I think that's a record!

Here's a few pictures from that adventure:

We have some friends that live on a Cattle Ranch in the Texas Panhandle. And it is pretty much the most amazing boy paradise on earth! It almost makes this girl whose heart belongs in the city want to move out into the middle of nowhere. Almost. It was so nice of our friends to come let us stay and we had a great few days!

After Texas we headed to New Mexico.

We really love going to Albuquerque to visit Grandma and Grandpa. It was such a treat to go during Thanksgiving!

Some of the cousins were in town and they got to play as much as they wanted. And of course got all kinds of spoiled from Grandma and Grandpa!

It was a fun and much needed break. Definitely not long enough! We can't wait to go back!

So, that was our November in a nutshell. Now on to Christmas!