Love Plaque Tutorial

I've been doing a little bit of blogging house keeping and I found quite a few posts that have been sitting in my draft folder. I guest posted this tutorial over at My Favorite Finds a while ago and somehow I missed re-publishing it here. In my original post, I talked about how much I loved how this turned out. And I wasn't kidding. I still keep it in my living room almost all year.

valentine love plaque

Here’s what you need to put this darling sign together:

valentine love plaque supplies

5x8 Wooden Plaque
A smaller wooden plate (mine was 2x3)
Several coordinating scrapbook paper (I used 5)
Mod Podge
Vinyl “Love” letters

I love Mod Podge projects! They are so easy to do and look so amazing when finished!

valentine love plaque instructions

STEP ONE: First paint the edges and back of your plaque and small plate. Allow that to dry

STEP TWO: Get all of your paper ready. To make the hearts, I traced a heart shape on the back of the scrapbook paper and carefully tore the papers into hearts.

STEP THREE: Mod Podge it all together. I hot glued the small plate onto the front on the plaque.